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Soothing post TAAC conference blues…

What better way to soothe the post conference blues other than providing a good read? We welcome your opinions/concerns and invite you to keep in touch. Enjoy!


The Transfer Admissions and Advising Committee


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May 24, 2018 TAAC Conference Sessions and Agenda

8:15  – 9:00     Registration & Breakfast
9:00 – 10:00    Welcome & Keynote Speaker: Dr. Laura Perna, University of Pennsylvania
10:15 -11:10    Session I – Workshops
11:15 -12:10    Session II- Workshops
12:20 – 1:10    Lunch
12:50 – 1:20    Common App for Transfer Processes
1:25 –   2:20    Session III- Workshops
2:25 –   3:20    On-the-Go Snack/Round Table Discussions
– Adult Learners: Best Practices and Success Strategies for Non-Traditional Students
– A Transfer Counselor’s Brainstorming Event: Transfer Student Recruitment Best Practices
– College Credit While in High School: Trends, Opportunities, and the Response From Higher Education
– Articulation Agreement Trends
3:25 –  3:35    Closing remarks and raffle drawing

*Agenda is subject to change

Session I
Workshop A
Mark Cunningham, EVP Client Solutions and Strategy
5 Digital Tactics to Boost Your Transfer Efforts
When you think about the prospective transfer student’s online journey, there are numerous moments and opportunities for your institution to make a great impression. In this session, we’ll explore some essential approaches that can have a significant impact. Topics covered will include search engine marketing, social media, location-based marketing, website responsiveness, and more.

Workshop B
Kate Akyuz, Director of International Admissions, Widener University
Jennifer Brown, Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions, Drexel University
International Transfer Admissions 101: International credential review and 1+2+2 partnerships
This session is ideal for the admissions professional who is interested in learning more about International transfers (both in the traditional sense from a college in a student’s home country to a 2-or-4 year institution, and as an I-20 transfer, meaning the student is already in the US studying ESL). This session will be presented in two parts: A.) Evaluating international credentials. This includes a mini workshop on international transcript review, including evaluating GPA/credits, verifying accreditation, providing resources for this process, etc. B.) Increasing your international transfer funnel by establishing ESL partnerships and casting your net wider with additional English Language proficiency testing options.

Workshop C
Dr. Maggie Place, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Extended Learning, Widener University
Attracting and Engaging Non-traditional Students
The presenter will discuss how adult learning principles can be applied to enrollment and retention initiatives in transfer advising. The session will include information about the common barriers for enrollment and retention among adult students, and participants will learn how to address those barriers using tools based on prominent adult learning theories, including andragogy and constructivism. The presenter will invite collaborative discussion about the unique needs of adult learners and about how to approach those needs.

Workshop D
Jared Brown, Director of New Student Programs, West Chester University of PA
Dr. Lisa Calvano, Assistant Department Chair, Department of Management College of Business and Public Management, West Chester University of PA
Belonging Matters, A Follow-Up Discussion
This presentation will be a follow-up discussion regarding the Belonging Matters project, which addresses the needs of transfer students in the School of Business at West Chester University (WCU). This group includes more students of color, international students, veterans and non-traditional students than first-year cohorts. Research suggests that transfer students have distinct academic and social needs due to adjustment issues known as “transfer shock” and “campus culture shock.” In addition, they may are more likely to feel marginalized on campus. The Belonging Matters project builds on and extends a cross-unit collaboration between academic and student affairs that includes two components: 1) activities to increase transfer student inclusion and engagement on campus: and 2) opportunities to collect and share information about the transfer experience and how it intersects with other priorities identified in WCU’s campus climate survey.

Session II
Workshop A
Caroline Waters, EOF Senior Counselor, Rutgers University-Camden Campus
EOF 5- Step Transfer Process
The Transfer Process for students can be intimidating and confusing. Since students experience a transfer shock, we created a 5-Step Transfer Process that takes students from Orientation to Initial appointment. Though EOF is only a part of their process, we help students navigate the University transfer process within our own orientation. Students walk away with a full understanding of their transfer process including their Financial Aid, which is often excluded from Orientation programs.

Workshop B
Sandra Gonzalez-Torres, Director, Articulation and Transfer, Community College of Philadelphia
Kerri A. Rizzotto, Consultant, International Opportunities for Advancement, Inc.
Best Practices: Educating International Community College Students on Leadership and Transfer
Recruitment and admissions of International Students to Community Colleges is increasing. At the same time, international students are realizing they have options within the American educational system and are increasingly choosing to attend Community Colleges on their path towards a bachelor’s degree. While all students require the same information, international students have unique needs that present unique challenges. The presenters will share case studies, insights and intercultural information regarding international students’ needs involving advising, coaching, and how Community Colleges prepare this population for a smooth transfer to their “best fit” four-year institution.

Workshop C
Claudia Bereshnyi, Assistant Director of Transfer, Veteran and OBBA Recruitment, Fox School of Business, Temple University
Liann Hochfeld, Admissions Coordinator of Transfer, Veteran and OBBA Recruitment, Fox School of Business, Temple University
Don’t Let the Spring Admits Fall Behind
The Fox School of Business at Temple University had a need for an event that could stand in the place of a Spring semester Convocation. With a 100% attendance rate among those who registered for the event, an interactive experience, and a calling for continuation, our “Fresh to Fox” event was a success. In improving upon our first “Fresh to Fox” event, we have strategies to share for your new-student inclusion efforts. This session will discuss suggestions for planning your inclusion event, executing it meaningfully, and equipping students with the resources and information necessary for their integration into your institution.

Workshop D
Hailey King, Coordinator for Undergraduate Strategic Initiatives – Transfer, Undergraduate Studies, Temple University
Ashley Lalas, Transfer Student, Temple University
From There to Here : Designing an Effective Transfer Seminar
Temple University’s University Seminar 2002, Transfer Seminar: Planning for Success is a 1-credit academic course introduced in the fall of 2009 that provides transfer students opportunities to explore campus resources and work on professional planning and development. Course design will be examined in depth and participants will gain insight on how to implement a similar course on their campus. Peer facilitators are integral to the course as they provide information from the student perspective. Videos will be used to capture past student reflections from this course. This session is appropriate for professionals working with transfer students in any capacity.

Session III
Workshop A
Kate Markowitz, Director of Transfer, Veteran and Online BBA Recruitment Fox School of Business, Temple University
Laura Broomell, Assistant Director of Enrollment Management Fox School of Business, Temple University
Fox Leadership Development Program: A Case Study in Engagement
In fall of 2017, the Fox School of Business created a mandatory co-curricular requirement for all incoming freshmen. This program will extended to transfer students and online students in the next two years. This presentation will focus on what we are doing to reward transfer students for activities they have already completed at their previous institutions and showing them how they can participate in and outside the classroom at Fox. The audience for this presentation would be Enrollment Managers, Advisors, those working with adult or non-traditional students and veterans.

Workshop B
Mr. J. Nathan Bullock, Director Off-Campus Programs Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (Camden)
Christine Ulch, Academic Program Manager Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (Camden)
Ensuring “Uniform” Transitions: Fully Supporting Military and Veteran Transfer Students
In this session, we will discuss aiding military and veteran transfer students with their admission, transfer credits and degree/career goals, while navigating the sometimes bureaucratic world of academia, and discuss ways to achieve positive transfer outcomes. Military students come with a variety of unique challenges – but bring a wealth of experience to the classroom, and often have access to educational benefits to support their education. To increase your military student numbers, learn how to expand their access to supportive resources, and reduce stigma toward this key population.

Workshop C
Courtney Kelly, Executive Director of Admissions, Widener University
Nora Manz, Associate Director of Transfer, Delaware County Community College
Catherine Oberholtzer, Senior Associate Director of Transfer Admissions, West Chester University
Demystifying the Community College Transfer Pathway for High School Counselors
Community College sometimes is incorrectly referred to as the 13th grade. Examine what occurs when students venture down a community college transfer pathway to obtain a Bachelors degree at a four year institution. Learn more about the educational, financial, and developmental values of starting at a community college and the resources available. Best practices and student testimonials will highlight the importance of collaboration between two-year and four-year schools.

Workshop D
Kristin Mehr, Ph.D., Associate Professor/Psychologist West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Rachel Daltry, PsyD Associate Professor/Psychologist West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Psychological & Social Adjustment of Transfer Students
The transfer student transition process involves academic, social, and institutional challenges. Adjusting to a new institutional culture, lacking information about the process, and experiencing social isolation can contribute to transfer adjustment issues, which may lead to or amplify mental health difficulties. Our session will review existing research on transfer student mental health, as well as our own research with our university’s students. This session is applicable to staff and faculty from any community college or 4-year university who are interested in learning about and supporting the psychological adjustment of transfer students.

Looking forward to seeing you at the TAAC 2018 Conference on May 24th!

Transfer Admissions and Advising Committee Members

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getting closer every day…

…the 5th Annual TAAC Conference on May 24th hosted by Widener University, that is!

Interested in discussing about international students transfer process?  Or maybe you would like to know more about how to better support military and veteran transfer students?  These are just a couple of the topics lined up in our sessions, and while we are finalizing the agenda, here’s a good read to get you going…

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Transfer Admissions and Advising Committee

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Gearing up…

The TAAC Conference on May 24 is a great opportunity to get up to speed with Higher Education trends. Meanwhile, here’s some food for thought…

Looking forward to hearing your opinion on the topic, as many others that we’ll be discussing at the conference!

Transfer Admissions and Advising Committee

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Last call to submit your 2018 TAAC Conference proposal by Friday, April 6!

Do not miss this opportunity to share your opinion about transfer! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

You can submit your proposal via the link below:

Do you know someone else who has a lot to say about transfer? Do not be shy and share the news!

Transfer Admissions and Advising Committee

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Great news! Proposal submission deadline for 2018 TAAC Conference has been extended to April 6!!!

Interested in sharing news about transfer articulation or on how to improve the collaboration between two-year and four-year institutions? Do you have an idea about how to improve transfer student orientation or other transfer related issues? We would love to hear from you!

You can submit your proposal via the link below:

Do you know someone else who has a lot to say about transfer? Do not be shy and share the news!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Transfer Advising and Admissions Committee

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Did you reserve your seat for the 2018 TAAC Transfer Conference hosted at Widener University on May 24, 2018 yet?

It is shaping up to be a great event! Did we mention that Common App will showcase and discuss the New Transfer Application?

WHERE: Widener University, One University Place, Chester PA 19013 

WHEN: Thursday May 24, 2018, 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM EDT

COST: $50


You can still submit a session proposal. Or, if you know someone who has something to say about transfer, feel free to pass this info along.


Looking forward to seeing you at the event!

Transfer Admissions & Advising Committee (TAAC)