Transfer Admissions & Advising Committee

Bridging the knowledge gap between two and four year schools

Who is TAAC?

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        Who are we…Hmm, that’s definitely a fully loaded question. I’d like to say that we are a group of totally awesome, have-it-all-together, transfer savvy people. However, after just one meeting, we all know most of that isn’t the case. TAAC, or Transfer Admissions and Advising Committee, was created as an outlet for transfer counselors in the Philly area. Once every six(ish) weeks, we get together and discuss the happenings of the transfer world like trends, numbers, legislation, committees, and any other relevant topics that come up. Depending on the time of the year, as this job works in an ebb and flow movement, we could be discussing applications, completion rates, open houses, or travel season. Since most schools usually have one or maybe two transfer people in their office, it is nice to get together to discuss opinions, ideas, and just get an overall sense of togetherness with this group.
        Now, this has been going on since 2011, so we have, of course, expanded from just meeting and expressing our opinions and getting ideas from one another. Once every other academic year, we do a TAAC bus tour. On this tour, 2-year school counselors from local and afar join us for a tour of 3 pre-selected 4-year schools. This helps to spread and promote the TAAC name and allows the 2-year counselors to get an idea of what the 4-year schools have to offer. A person can only gain so much through a brochure, so the tour helps fill in the blanks.
        In addition to that, we are planning our own transfer conference. Transfers can be seen as “monsters” and are often times passed through the office. So to help educate more people on the transfer process, we decided that a transfer conference is the best way to get the word out in a professional and educational manner. The conference (which, by the way is March 19th, 2014—Save the Date!) will allow us to discuss in length, the issues and concerns that are widely seen with the transfer process. This is where we will really start to make a name for ourselves.
        So, in a nutshell, that’s who we are. A group of individuals from local area schools somehow affiliated with transfer students, looking to find some sort of cohesiveness amongst each other.
        Be sure to check out our next post, which will focus on the PACAC Conference from the summer where TAAC presented both on TAAC itself and the ever looming “transfer shock”.


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