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So far we’ve talked about who we are and what we’ve done as a group. Now let’s look ahead at what we plan on doing in the future!

In tune with the hustle and bustle of the start of the academic year, TAAC is also in full swing with the outlining and planning of our future events. The calendar has been (tentatively) set for our 2014 bus tour. With some tweaks and fine tuning from 2012, we are looking to be bigger and better than before with hopes that more 2-year school representatives will join us. Tentatively, the schedule is as follows:

April 24, 2014 – West Chester University, Immaculata University, and Pennsylvania State University, Brandywine.

September 16, 2014 – Neumann University, Widener University, and Temple University

November 19, 2014 – Rosemont College, Saint Joseph’s University, and La Salle University

As we get closer to the first date, more information will certainly be available about the order of operations. Until then, much of our focus is on our Inaugural TAAC Transfer Conference being held on March 19, 2014 (Save the date!), graciously hosted by Delaware County Community College at their Marple Campus. While we are in the midst of the planning process, and we mostly want to pull out our hair, we are ecstatic to host something so invaluable in the transfer world.

Our keynote speaker, which I will highlight in a post closer to the event itself, is Fran Cubberley, the Vice President for Enrollment Management at Delaware County Community College where she has worked since 1995. We are very excited to have her as our keynote speaker as she comes with a breadth of experience and knowledge, particularly in the transfer world!

Other topics we hope to be discussing will be: transfer shock, transfer orientation, adult students, MOOCs, veterans, international students, use of technology, picking a college, new transfer professionals, and articulation agreement development. These topics are just a few of the trouble zones we constantly see being discussed in the transfer world. While these are not set in stone, we have some great speakers lined up for the conference. The speakers include Dr. Dennis Dougherty, Dean of the Schools of Graduate and Professional Studies at Rosemont College; Mr. Jared Brown, Director of New Student Programs at West Chester University; Mrs. Nora Manz, Transfer Specialist at Delaware County Community College; and Dr. Patricia Shope, Prior Learning Assessment Coordinator at Pennsylvania State University.

A conference dedicated solely to the transfer world is like a gift for all of us involved in TAAC. We are immersed in the transfer world which feels almost like an elite club that only a few get the privilege (although some are forced) to be invited into. The transfer conference will be a great outlet for the 2 and 4-year schools in the area to gain invaluable knowledge on topics they only have a vague understanding of. The one thing we’ve noticed being in TAAC is that very few people know all the ins and outs of transfers. Most know a lot about a few things here and there. This conference will allow us to put the bulk of the transfer wisdom into one room and to spread the love! 

So be sure to save the date for March 19, 2014 (and yes, I am aware that is the 3rd time I’ve mentioned the date)! We will have vendors and sponsors present at the conference as well and have high hopes that you will be a transfer guru once you leave the conference.

Check back next week for the next post, which will be “through the eyes of a transfer student”!


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  1. If you are reading this and have not received TAAC bus tour invitations in the past, please email Courtney Kelly, Widener University, to be included in the bus tour invitation information.

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