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Bridging the knowledge gap between two and four year schools

Conference Sessions

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Alright, here we go folks! Here is the conference breakdown and session descriptions.

Session 1 – 9:45-11:00

Workshop A:                                                                                                             Room 2279

Mr. Jared Brown, MA, Director of New Student Programs, West Chester University of PA


The session will focus on current Transfer Orientation programs. During the session we will review structure, needs, assessment, and best practices of a Transfer Orientation day. The goal is to focus on new ways for providing a successful transition for transfer ttudents populations. Participants will learn new ways to modify, adjust, and understand the importance of offering a Transfer Orientation for new students.

Workshop B:                                                                                                             Room 2246

Colonel John C. Church Jr., Assistant Professor, Immaculata University

REEL TO REAL: The Film Narrative and the Veterans

How can a community college or university successfully reach out to its veteran community? A positive first step can be to sponsor a film showing designed to create a healing and open atmosphere for veterans. If one believes that the genre of war films, specifically those focused wholly or partly on the return of the veteran, can serve to mediate and contextualize the plight of the individual veteran and the manner in which a particular conflict is viewed by society as a whole, then a film showing can be a strong first step for an enlightened community college or university.

Workshop C:                                                                                                             Room 2185

Janet Distel, MSW, Director for Undergraduate Academic and Student Affairs;

Dan Gilbert, M.Ed, Senior Academic Advisor, Temple University, College of Education;

Madeleine DeBot, MA, Academic Advisor II, Temple University, College of Education;

Carly Salvadore, MS.Ed, Academic Advisor, Temple University, College of Education

ADDRESSING THE INTRICACIES OF TRANSFER STUDENT ADVISING: Creating Systems to Meet the Needs of Students and Advising Units

This presentation will explain how Temple University’s College of Education identified and addressed obstacles transfer students face and how we have adapted our Orientation process, communications and post-Orientation advising to meet needs and ease transitions. We will identify specific challenges faced by transfer students as well as advising units (i.e. student confusion and frustration, transfer credit evaluation process, tracking of outstanding documents, etc.) and will present solutions implemented by our Advising unit, discuss analysis and outcomes, and identify future initiatives to ensure continuous improvement of the transfer student experience. This session will conclude with an opportunity for questions and discussion.


Workshop D:                                                                                                             Room 2284

Kim Allen-Stuck, Ph.D: Director of Student Success & First Year Experience, Saint Joseph’s University;

Dan McDevitt, MBA: Associate Director of Student Success & First Year Experience, Saint Joseph’s University


To better understand why students voluntarily withdrawal, the University centralized the exit process and implemented the One Question Exit Interview (1QEI). During an exit interview students are asked to weigh the reasons they are leaving by placing poker chips on a colorful game board. By engaging in a fun and consistent way, the students get closure and the University receives feedback to improve retention. The responses from the IQEI are regularly shared with the campus community and have been attributed to policy changes and plans for improvement. The tools for implementing this strategy and outcomes will be shared.

Session 2 – 12:30-1:45


Workshop A:                                                                                                             Room 2279

Jason Britton, Associate Director of Admissions, Widener University;

Adrienne M. Craig, Assistant Dean for Student Life, Widener University


Research has shown an increase in Reverse Transfers. The administration at four-year colleges should prepare to implement a positive customer service process that increases the satisfaction of the Transfer student experience. This presentation will provide participants the opportunity to dialogue about best practices used to transition new Transfer students through the recruitment process and college experience.

Workshop B:                                                                                                             Room 2284

Nora Manz, Associate Director of Transfer and Articulation, Delaware County Community College


Virtual Transfer Advising: Meeting the Transfer Needs of Community College Students Session Description: With the current economy, and our students’ constant use of technology, Delaware County Community College has come up with a creative solution to assist students looking to transfer – TransferCheck. In this session, you will learn about TransferCheck, a virtual transfer advisor, which allows enrolled students to check their academic progress against degree requirements at a participating four year institutions. The functionality of TransferCheck will be reviewed; how it supports the College’s strategic plans of degree completion and retention, and how it has assisted prospective and current students, and transfer counselors. Learn how you too could utilize this technology to assist students as they transfer.

Workshop C:                                                                                                             Room 2185

Julie B. Kane, Coordinator, PA College Transfer and Articulation Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education, PA Department of Education


The Pennsylvania Statewide Transfer and Articulation System saves time and money by allowing students to seamlessly transfer individual courses and associate’s degrees among the participating colleges and universities. This presentation will provide an overview of these statewide transfer policies (30-Credit Transfer Framework, Statewide Program-to-Program Articulation), teach attendees how to navigate the Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Center (PA TRAC) website, and show how PA TRAC can be used to advise students transferring among the participating institutions.

Session 3 – 2:00-3:15


Workshop A:                                                                                                             Room 2284

Stefanie Crouse: Interim Transfer Coordinator, Montgomery County Community College


Due to the complex nature of the academic environment, students often want a guarantee of transfer credit. Program to program articulation agreements are the best way to guarantee that academic curricula are aligned for seamless transfer. This Power Point presentation is geared towards Student Affairs and Academic Affairs staff and faculty members who wish to learn more about how to seamlessly create articulation agreements between two and four year institutions.

Workshop B:                                                                                                             Room 2279

Dr. Patricia Shope: Adult Learner Advocacy, The Penn State University

MOOCS: The Future of Higher Education Is Here

Penn State has long recognized non collegiate learning with their prior learning assessment (PLA) initiative. In 2012 we decided to participate in the latest innovation in higher education – MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses.) How do they affect how students transfer? What happens when students try to translate these experiences into credits at our Universities? This session will focus on why we explored this new world, what we have learned, and what’s next – Digital Badges, Competency Based Education and the future of higher education.

Workshop C:                                                                                                             Room 2246

Dr. Kathleen Howley: Vice President of PASSHE, Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education

WHY CAN’T WE GET THIS RIGHT? An Examination of Articulation Agreements and Policies.

The definition of a transfer student has become more multi-dimensional to include credits earned at secondary institutions, post-secondary institutions, as well as Prior Learning Experiences, Workplace Learning, Military Experience, CLEP, and so on. More students are attending multiple institutions on the way to their desired credential/degree. Too many students have academic credits from a variety of sources but no degree or credential. Many general education programs and majors have become competency-based and/or include thematic courses which create challenges for transfer if an associate degree is not earned. After a brief discussion of articulation agreements, legislation, and related policies in PA and beyond, Kathleen will engage the participants in a thought-provoking discussion on how we might and should move towards developing a culture, policies, and practice that assesses, addresses, and governs all credits not earned at the home institution which is fundamental to meeting the needs of our New Normal.


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