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Conference Sneak Peak

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The conference is coming together quite nicely. With registrants are still trickling in our inaugural conference has well over 100 registrants, 5 vendors/sponsors, 10 presenters, and 11 hosts.  It is shaping up to be a very informative and enlightening day.

I wanted to take a minute and recognize the vendors/sponsors that will be at the conference. Our giveaway sponsor is CollegeFish and they have helped us provide each registrant with an awesome giveaway.  In addition to that, two of our conference sponsors, Carnegie Communications and School Guides, will be giving brief presentations about what their companies have to offer during the meals. AcademyOne is sponsoring our catered lunch and giving a very brief presentation during lunch as well. In addition to the sponsors, we also have NRCCUA setting up a vendor table.

We are also doing a raffle just for attending! While I won’t give away too much about what the raffle prizes are, they are sure to please.

Baskets for conference

We are looking forward to the conference on Wednesday and hope that you are too!

Also, check out our twitter! We will be doing a twitter #hashtag event during the conference. If you hear a good quote, snap a great picture, or just want to let everyone know how awesome of a time you are having, tweet to @TAACPa and #TAACConference!


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