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A Sincere Thank You

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Now that the conference has come and gone and most of us are caught up on our “day job” tasks, I wanted to take a moment to personally thank everyone who was a part of our conference.
First, I would like to thank the presenters. The feedback we received was that the presenters were well-versed and highly knowledgeable. They brought a level of experience and knowledge to the table that very few people can do. So for that, we thank you. Your presentations made our conference a success.
Second, I would like to thank our vendors/sponsors. We had varying levels of sponsorship and a great handful of vendors that brought materials that helped accompany the presentations. Our two sponsors, AcademyOne and CollegeFish, sponsored lunch and our wonderful giveaways. They allowed us to take the conference to a whole new level.
Third, I would like to thank DiFabio’s and Giant. The food was so wonderfully displayed and organized. And to top it off, it was delicious!
Fourth, I would like to thank the TAAC Members. All our hard work, which may have included blood, sweat, and tears (not necessarily in that order or all at once) paid off and the conference was more of a success than we could have asked for. Thank you all for putting in so much time and effort. I know that there were many late nights that went in to making sure that every detail was accounted for.
Fifth, I would like to thank Delaware County Community College for hosting the event. The space was perfect for the size of our event. The staff was nothing short of amazing.
And lastly, which I reserved for the most important, I would like to thank all the conference attendees. An inaugural conference is certainly not an easy task but the attendees made the whole thing worth it. The networking that occurred and the positive feedback we received made the conference worth every ounce of effort. We can’t thank you enough for putting your faith in the fact that we could actually pull off an inaugural event and have it be a success. So we thank you, truly.

I will be posting again later today with all the PowerPoint and website information used by the presenters. We hope it helps if you were unable to make it to a presentation you really wanted to go to!

Again, thank you!


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