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Is the financial burden worth it? : YES

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Is college worth the financial burden?

Yes. Yes. Yes, a thousand times yes! (Imagine yourself responding enthusiastically to a marriage proposal, and you can picture how I am enthusiastically answering this question.)

At a time when college is seen as a financial burden, the question we now get from students is “is it worth it?” Parents wonder if getting into debt upon graduation is worth it? Will my son/daughter be burdened by financial debt? Will he/she get a job?

Well, of course these are all valid questions. We can throw statistics out there for each of our schools that the employment rate is “in the middle to upper 90% within 6 months of graduation” but is that enough of a statistic to help ease their troubled minds?

Then I found this article, and it was incredible. The Millennial’s (ages 25-32) have shown drastic changes in unemployment rate, poverty levels, and salary earnings with a bachelor’s degree. The percentage differences have significantly increased from other generations and it seems that the gap will continue to grow.

So check out the article. It pretty much means job security for life for us, right? … well, we can only hope. But all the numbers are in our favor. We can tell the students and parents that college is a necessity. Finishing a bachelor’s degree after an associate’s is also a necessity. Which means our jobs as admissions counselors are absolutely a necessity.

So, what to tell our students? Simple: Go to college people. It’s the thing to do.


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