Transfer Admissions & Advising Committee

Bridging the knowledge gap between two and four year schools

Conference Sponsor–AcademyOne

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Roughly one third of all students transfer at least once before earning a degree, according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. Many of these students are challenged to carry their academic credits with them and often lose time and money repeating courses to finish their education. Likewise institutions are challenged with how to best advise these students, more often than not while working with limited staff, time and resources. Next up in our sponsor/vendor series: AcademyOne.

AcademyOne is a consulting and software development firm that has partnered with states and institutions since 2005 to develop and implement innovative and intuitive technology solutions that make student systems smarter. They work with their clients to automate policy, expand degree pathways, and achieve greater transparency so more students can make well-informed transfer decisions and reduce the time and cost of degree completion.

Access to the right information at the right time is critical during the transfer process. AcademyOne’s solutions eliminate the barriers between students and the information they need to stay on track. They run the gamut from transfer and articulation and reverse transfer to online and distance learning, adult degree completion, prior learning assessment, career and technical education, student recruitment, retention and graduation.

Better student guidance begins with the ability to gather, create, manage and distribute comparable information for students, faculty and staff. AcademyOne’s secure workflow and publishing tools streamline collaboration and productivity, getting the job done quickly and effectively.

AcademyOne has been working with colleges and universities in the state of Pennsylvania since 2006. Using our Course Equivalency Management Center, participating institutions within the state are able to propose, evaluate and create equivalencies for their Transfer Credit Framework currently consisting of 30 credits of foundational courses guaranteed to transfer in any direction between and among the other participating institutions. AcademyOne also developed Pennsylvania’s Transfer and Articulation Center (PA TRAC) – which helps students across the state transfer seamlessly among the state’s public universities and community colleges. Students have access to transfer credit equivalencies, information on participating institutions and step-by-step instructions for transferring.

Working with Delaware County Community College (DCCC) in 2012, AcademyOne developed TransferCheck, a virtual advising tool which assists students in smoothly completing and then transferring a DCCC associate degree to a local, partner four-year college or university. Giving students the ability to run a transfer degree audit, especially during peak registration times, ensures they will be able to choose courses that are guaranteed to fulfill their DCCC degree requirements but will transfer and count toward their major and/or program of study as they move forward.

In 2013, PA TRAC was enhanced to include the Will My Credits Transfer (WMCT) tool to help students explore their best transfer options based upon the transferability of their previous and planned coursework to another institution. WMCT allows students to compile their complete academic history, including assessments, within minutes. Recently, PA TRAC was redesigned to be mobile responsive so that students, faculty and advisors would have the best possible online experience, regardless of their device, browser, screen size or orientation.

To learn more about AcademyOne visit their website at or contact them to schedule a webinar with an AcademyOne representative to see how their solutions can improve performance and achieve results at your institution.


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