Transfer Admissions & Advising Committee

Bridging the knowledge gap between two and four year schools

Registration for the 2015 TAAC Conference is OPEN

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Register for the 2015 TAAC Conference now, before your spring semester schedule starts filling up!

When: March 5, 2015

Where: Rosemont College

Why: The TAAC Transfer Conference will serve as a resource for professionals in the business of supporting students’ post-secondary educational goals. The purpose of the conference is to gather interested student-centered individuals and organizations to disseminate relevant information and better serve transfer students. We seek opportunities to brainstorm, network and better educate transfer professionals about the intricacies of the transfer process as it relates to the future of higher education.

The TAAC Committee is actively seeking conference proposals! Submit your proposal by January 5, 2015. 

Some topics ideas include: adult/non-traditional learners, veterans, Dual Enrollment, recruiting and retaining transfer students, communicating with transfer students, faculty/administration collaboration, advising, orientation, transfer credit practices, articulation…and so much more!


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