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Three Esteemed 2015 Conference Vendors Speak Out about TAAC!

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Myles Ridder, Publisher, School Guides, The College Transfer Guide

 TAAC is very pleased to have School Guides and the College Transfer Guide as one of its sponsors for our 2015 TAAC Conference. School Guides has a rich history of providing a multitude of publications spanning student audiences seeking degrees from professional, vocational, military, and health profession institutions. The College Transfer Guide provides prospective college students and current two-year college students with academic, financial aid, and admission criteria among other pertinent information on four year colleges. This particular publication circulates to approximately 14 states, reaches hundreds of two-year community college advising and transfer offices and is viewed by thousands of college ready students. School Guides and the College Transfer Guide are in the business of working with prospective and current college students. They offer their student audience a wealth of resources and deliver services most four year colleges or universities are unable to provide.

School Guide Publisher, Myles Ridder, elaborates on his company’s involvement with TAAC and the upcoming 2015 TAAC conference;

“College Transfer Guide enjoys participating at the TAAC conference because the conference is targeted to a specific audience, namely transfer students. Your organization realizes the importance of helping students who may take a different path toward achieving their bachelor’s degree. The TAAC Conference is held at a convenient location.”

Heather Durosko, Policy and Research Strategic Initiatives Analyst, NACAC

National Association for College Admission Counseling

Ok. It’s official. TAAC is now on NACAC’s radar. Amazing! NACAC has a very recognizable name and meaning. For those of us in the higher education field, you know who and what NACAC represents. How exciting is it TAAC has NACAC sponsoring our 2nd ever Transfer Professional Development Conference?

NACAC is a national organization providing best practices, conferences, standards, events, and invaluable resources to secondary and higher education professionals and they even realize TAAC is onto something good…

We are pleased to have NACAC support TAAC and the 2015 TAAC conference. A NACAC representative, Heather Durosko, Policy and Research Strategic Initiatives Analyst, shares her thoughts about TAAC;

“The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), is excited to support TAAC’s 2nd annual conference! As a membership organization dedicated to guiding students in transition, NACAC recognizes the uniqueness of the transfer pathway and the importance of providing a comprehensive approach to supporting the needs of students and the professionals involved in the transfer process. We believe this priority directly aligns to the mission of TAAC as a resource for professionals to share best practices in their work supporting student’s postsecondary educational goals.”

Ron Filipowicz, Director, College Relations for CollegeFish/PTK

TAAC is thrilled to have CollegeFish and the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society back for a second year to support our transfer professional development group and sponsor the 2015 TAAC Conference. CollegeFish and PTK work closely with both two-year and four-year institutions and should be very recognizable to our conference attendees. CollegeFish is a tremendous asset to many four-year colleges or universities. The Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society is a global society representing some of the best and extremely talented college students.

The partnership CollegFish establishes with many of its four-year member institutions proves to be a well worth investment. CollegeFish, in numerous ways, is a vehicle helping many incredibly motivated and high-achieving students arrive at their four-year college destinations fully prepared, and almost immediately, offer a positive impact to their new student body.

TAAC is very grateful to have CollegeFish and Ron Filipowicz, Director of College Relations, sponsor our TAAC conference two years in a row. Ron will also be presenting during session three of the TAAC conference. Here are a few thoughts Ron shared about TAAC:

“I have worked in many aspects of transfer students for over ten years and must say that I am so very impressed with what TAAC is able to put together!  It is an amazing conference for any community college or four-year transfer admissions professional to learn, share ideas and network.  It is so great to see professionals from different institutions come together with the intention of improving the transfer process for all involved.  Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society fully supports TAAC and encourages all schools and organizations that have an interest in serving transfer students to do the same.”


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