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Conference Presenter Snapshots

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With the TAAC Conference just a week away, we thought you’d be interested in a snapshot of a few presenters you will be hearing from on Thursday. Their backgrounds and areas of expertise are varied, which will contribute to an exciting and diverse day of transfer information exchange.

Dr. Kim Allen-Stuck has served as the Assistant Vice President for Student Success & Educational Support at Saint Joseph’s University since June 2014.  Prior to that, she was the Director of Student Success and First Year Experience, also at SJU.  Kim has both her Master’s and Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania and has presented at three national conferences.  During her time as the Director, the first year to sophomore retention rate went from 85.5% to 90% and graduation rates from 75% to 78%, while the national average for retention is 75% and graduation is 55%.  When she became an AVP, Kim took responsibility for the Transfer Transition program and developed a team of mentors, and the new students are benefiting from the more structured transition program.  Attend her presentation, “Developing a Transfer Transition Program,” to hear more about implementing a similarly successful multi-pronged approach.

Having over three decades of experience in varied roles at Cumberland County College, Steve Stolar presents on the ins and outs of creating successful Instant Decision transfer events. A member of the Student Services at Cumberland, Steve has held a number of faculty, counselor and administrative positions as well as his current role coordinating transfer services. He has directed the Advisement, Transfer and Career Services Office, Student Activities, was an EOF Counselor and began the First Year Experience Program at Cumberland. His graduate degrees are in Counseling Psychology, Community College Education and he holds an LPC.  Helping the community college student alleviate the stress of transferring and the many concerns that go with it will be tackled in Steve’s presentation, “Orchestrating Instant Decision Transfer Events: From the Community College to the University in a Snap!”

As Senior Vice President of Digital Services at Carnegie Communications, Melissa Rekos oversees digital marketing and recruitment programs for Carnegie’s clients. Due to the partnership nature of their client relationships, she is involved in the strategic planning and design of digital marketing programs as well as being involved in analysis and program evaluation. She is a regular presenter and speaker, educating schools about online strategies and integrating them with traditional enrollment methods.  Her love for the digital space began in 1997 as a co-founder of the original  She was instrumental in the growth and success of the business and the evolution within the teen market. For insights on the many recent and exciting developments in the digital marketing arena that will help you leverage the data you already have to improve your transfer recruitment efforts, attend her session, “Data & Digital for Transfer – The Game Has Changed.”

Early next week you will see more snapshots – stay tuned! The TAAC Committee is counting down the days!


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