Transfer Admissions & Advising Committee

Bridging the knowledge gap between two and four year schools


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Transfer Admissions and Advising Committee Description:

TAAC is a committee organized by transfer coordinators at several of the Philadelphia region’s institutions of higher education. The committee is in place in order to provide its members recruitment opportunities, information, support, and an ongoing dialogue regarding transfer issues. The group includes non-profit institutions in the Philadelphia area interested in transfer issues. Membership in TAAC is open to individuals working for institutions of higher education in the Philadelphia area, which are non-profit and regionally-accredited, and who are professionally involved in the general purposes of the organization.

Transfer Admissions and Advising Committee Mission Statement:

The mission of TAAC is two-fold:

Internally, the committee is in place as a resource for local academic institution’s transfer coordinators. It is an opportunity to keep current with transfer issues as well as share transfer concerns, compare notes, and bring fresh ideas to regional recruitment efforts.

Externally, the committee is in place to cultivate and support possible transfer initiatives with other institutions. We look to find ways to work together in an effort to better support student and institutional transfer needs.

Transfer Admissions and Advising Committee Scope of Activity:

Any activity appropriate to the mission statement above may be undertaken by TAAC. Such activities include, but are not limited to:

–         Meetings as needed by the committee members

–         Any collaborative recruitment, professional development, research and group self-betterment efforts by member institutions

–        Create opportunities to support transfer student success

Transfer Admissions and Advising Committee Oversight Board:

Co-Chairs: Catherine Oberholtzer (West Chester University); Amanda Corsi (West Chester University)

Secretary: Bettsy McKlaine (Immaculata University)

Treasurer: Tina Foley (La Salle University)

Committee Chairs:

Event Planning:  Megan Schroeder (Neumann University)

External Relations: Justin Sillner (Cabrini College)

Marketing: Crina Drayer (Widener University)

Membership: Justin Sillner (Cabrini College)

Compliance: Tom O’Conner (Delaware Valley University)

Professional Development Fund: Tom Tschop (Peirce College)


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